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March 27, 2008

April Fools Party 2008 Cheats

Hey guys! The new party come out today and it’s officially the best party ever created on CP! Here is an overlook of the April Fools Party 2008!

Red Propeller Cap

The red propeller cap is back! And it’s at the Ski Village!


Silly Glasses

The cool silly glasses are at the Cove!


The “Secret” Pin

This pin is kinda hard to get, but all you have to do is go to the Mine Shack and connect all the dots, and the pin will show up.


Over look of the party!

This party is obviously the best one yet! Each room is designed in a special way! The ski lodge and the coffee shop look like they’re made from Billybob’s kids ;). The Ice Berg is very cool as well! It’s totally different and very creative! I also LOVE the Forest and the dock! I hope you guys liked this party! I sure do! Have fun!




  1. Awesome I posted too!

    Comment by wweadam — March 27, 2008 @ 11:34 pm

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    Comment by -MisamXS5 — March 27, 2008 @ 11:34 pm

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    Comment by nickostick55 — March 27, 2008 @ 11:36 pm

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    Comment by mjr9100cp — March 27, 2008 @ 11:36 pm

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    Comment by swiminkiing — March 27, 2008 @ 11:39 pm

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    Comment by darkcrow200 — March 27, 2008 @ 11:40 pm

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    Comment by Gator360 — March 27, 2008 @ 11:41 pm

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    Comment by mohd222 — March 28, 2008 @ 5:22 am


    Comment by Bob — March 28, 2008 @ 6:41 am

  10. when u throw snowballs in the lighthouse they splat into a color

    Comment by CP IS COOLIO — March 28, 2008 @ 7:13 am

  11. Supposed, I will ALWAYS add you in famous penguin videos if you start adding me in yours! My Famous penguin videos will be made every month. Same as buddy lists. But can you please add me back in Club Penguin? I am also going to start having penguin of the month! ANY penguin that I know (they don’t even have to be on my buddy list!) can be in this video. But who knows? Maybe YOU will be the first!

    Comment by ed324 — March 28, 2008 @ 9:16 am

  12. Supposed, I want you to see this video.

    Comment by ed324 — March 28, 2008 @ 11:44 am

  13. Where and when do you want to meet in Club Penguin?

    Comment by Ed324 (offline) — March 28, 2008 @ 1:11 pm

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    Comment by Bupcups — April 1, 2008 @ 11:03 pm

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