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April 8, 2008

Supposed & Snow Dobby!


Just to let you all know, I am Co-Owner on Snow Dobby’s site! I’m very excited and you can check out his site here

In Other News

Billybob has said that there will be a prize for the people that helped with the Improvement Project. I don’t know what the prize will be, but it will have to be with the new site! Hmm, What do you think it might be?

That’s all for now! Bye!



  1. Dont know, i hope its really cool!


    Comment by mook3 — April 8, 2008 @ 3:54 pm

  2. Nice dude! If I don’t have more then 30 comments on my site by Friday, I am quitting…

    ~Bike Boy93~

    Comment by Bike Boy93 — April 8, 2008 @ 7:28 pm

  3. Supposed I just want to know what video editing tool you use to make your vids. I make youtube vids and I just want to know how you edit your vids so mine can be better.

    Comment by tyrranidking — April 8, 2008 @ 9:31 pm

  4. Gama hat.I you dont know what gama means here is a hint:

    Comment by joanna7777joanna — April 9, 2008 @ 2:44 am

  5. Are you? I didnt know that!

    Comment by cbbcfan — April 9, 2008 @ 6:26 am

  6. i think he’ll give us somethin like a beta hat but differant

    Comment by fangx360 — April 9, 2008 @ 10:23 am

  7. its gonna be the black togue and pink togue ONLY for people that made a accoiunt on will get the items and if ur banend u wont get it
    Waddle on

    P.S: go on aim i got to talk to you

    Comment by Quickeagle A.K.A mattrocks345 A.K.Ayoukilis1234 A.K.A Clay aichen — April 9, 2008 @ 2:03 pm

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