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April 10, 2008

Club Penguin Migrator Completion & Club Penguin Down Time

Hey! The Migrator is complete as you probably already know, but the only bad thing is that you cannot find Rockhopper. Rockhopper will appear probably next week, nobody knows.

New Site Coming

On Monday, April 14, between 12 am (midnight) and 3 pm Club Penguin will be closed, as they are launching the new sites and servers. This will not effect the game, but there will be something new in the game. I’m guessing a trading system! I always wanted one in Club Penguin! What about you? What do you think Club Penguin is going to do with the new servers?

In Other News

I know you guys are wanting some videos from the new MC group. We are working on it, it’s just that a lot of us have been busy over the past week with homework. I have 2 research papers so I’m kind of busy this week.

Anyways, have a good day šŸ˜‰



  1. whats up supposed maybe we could meet on cp sometime dude!!!

    Comment by cpmac — April 10, 2008 @ 5:51 pm

  2. What do you mean about the trading system thing? Do you mean penguins can trade their items with other penguins? That would be cool.

    Supposed – Yes a trading system, like you can trade your clothing items with other items! That would be awesome and I hope they do it, then the term “rare” Can no longer be involved in Club Penguin šŸ˜€

    Comment by tyrranidking — April 10, 2008 @ 6:24 pm

  3. i hope it is trading system i asked for it sometime back because my old penguin is really rare and i want its items really bad!

    Comment by Imperial47 — April 10, 2008 @ 7:02 pm

  4. Haha I understand are english teacher wants us to write this huge poem!!

    – bike boy93

    Comment by Bike Boy93 — April 10, 2008 @ 7:05 pm

  5. when will get to be in the MC video? i won mohds contest.. im just windering… no pressure

    Comment by lilguy574 — April 10, 2008 @ 9:17 pm

  6. that would be awsome

    Comment by frontier319blitizen — April 12, 2008 @ 2:46 pm

  7. hi! yo cp is closed today so annoying will it be up at 3?

    Comment by pingupong2 — April 14, 2008 @ 4:09 am

  8. I wonder why you can get in Rockhopper’s ship becuase he has the key and we can’t meet him or be his buddy that stinks!ONLY IF I NEW WHERE THE KEY WAS I WOULD SHARE IT WITH ALL OF YOU!

    Comment by Elsadler19 — April 14, 2008 @ 8:36 am

  9. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! CP MODERATORS! WAIT! WHAT IF YOU MAKE A TRADING SYSTEM AND PENGUIN STEAL, TAKE AWAY OR EVEN HACK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE RE-CONSIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Cutiemark777 — April 14, 2008 @ 1:02 pm

    com down! its OK! The moderators might know that! They will fix it! (;

    Comment by Cutiemark777 — April 14, 2008 @ 1:05 pm

  11. supposed this is rt bball. Remember me? Why did you delete me? I am REALLY old. I really hope I can be in one of your famous vids!

    Comment by rt bball — April 14, 2008 @ 3:03 pm

  12. I am not trying to mean or anything, it is just that I dont have any cool buddies like you

    Comment by rt bball — April 14, 2008 @ 3:04 pm

  13. What is a MC video??? ANyway…. i really hope they have a trading system… that would be so totally awesome!!! if ur a non member, do u think that we would be able to trade mambers FOR member stuff?

    Comment by nayaab — April 14, 2008 @ 4:55 pm

  14. hi

    Comment by billybob — June 25, 2008 @ 6:15 pm

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