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July 23, 2008

Club Penguin Times Newspaper 7/23/08 Cheats & Dock Penguins!

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The new Club Penguin newspaper came out today with hardly nothing exciting to post about.  It mostly talked about how the band is coming to town on July 25 (this Friday.)

Club Penguin Upcoming Events

Here are the upcoming events in Club Penguin.

August 1

  • New Club Penguin Clothing Catalog

August 8

  • New Play at Club Penguin Stage

That’s all for the Club Penguin News!

In other news…

It’s finally here! The Club Penguin GWA offical forums! Us GWA members have put alot of work into it, and it’s here! You can check us out at

Don’t forget to join Dock Penguins! You can talk about mostly anything involving Club Penguin and real life! Even some other cool stuff! There will be contests, parties, and WAY more!  Join today! You will meet way more friends and you will be able to get to know the GWA members more.

Don’t forget!

GWA Music Festival Party

Also, don’t forget about the upcoming GWA party this Saturday, July 26. You can get All the information HERE




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