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August 5, 2008

Club Penguin Aqua Grabber Upgrade Cheats

The new Aqua Grabber came out today.  It’s pretty much like the old one with just different features. Leven 2 is extremely hard and I still can’t figure it out! If you do, tell me about it! Maybe you could help me out and even get featured on my site?



April 4, 2008

New Aqua Grabber Update, and New Club Penguin Website!

Hey, Everyone! There are going to be some major updates in the next couple weeks, and one them recently is the new aqua grabber update! I have not tried the aqua grabber yet, since I find the game extremely boring! Plus the fact that I just came back from the mall, and I have been walking all day, which makes me extremely tired. So if I decide to play it later, I’ll tell you some info about it, Or you can just try it out and tell me how you like it! Well anyways, lets get to the good/important stuff!

Club Penguin Website Changes

There are going to be some changes on the website! If you read the Club Penguin blog, you will know more, but I’m going to tell you some brief info about it.

The website will be updated soon, and this is just an example of what the Fun Stuff page will look like…

I think it will be a cool update, but what do you think? I’m trying to get used to a HUGE update right now, but it’s nothing to do with Club Penguin, just WordPress 😉

Well thats all for now, if you have any more questions just ask

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