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October 28, 2008

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2008 Cheats

Here are the Club Penguin cheats for the halloween party of 08!

Free items

To get the pumpkin basket, go to the snow forts. (You will need this for the scavanger hunt!)

Club Penguin Halloween Scavanger Hunt Cheats

NOTE: In order to do the scavanger hunt, you need your pumpkin basket!

Candy 1: Go to the snowforts, and click the blue flag.

Candy 2:  Go to the dancing lounge and click the lamp.

Candy 3: Go to the lodge attic, and click the blue box next to the 3 candles.

Candy 4: Go to the plaza, and click the yucky stuff in the icky green pot of GOO!

Candy 5: Go to the cove and click the warning sign down by the rocks.

Candy 6: Go to the ice burg, and click the green lights in the sky.

Candy 7: Go to the beacon, click the sky 3 times (make sure it thunders), then it should fall down in the large pumpkin.

Candy 8: Go to the book room, then on top of the books you’ll find the last piece!

And your prize is a background.

Secret Room on Club Penguin

To get to the secret room, go to the bookroom and click on the green candle on the bookshelf.  There is also a free item in there as well!

In other news…

That’s all for now! I’ll let you in on anything special in a bit 😉


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