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September 6, 2010

Club Penguin Blogging?

Hey guys!

Just wanna let you know that you’re all gonna see more updates on here, which means more posting, new looks, and much more!

Stick around and you can win some amazing things, do some amazing things, and etc etc etc!

& also, a new video should be up within a week or so 😉



July 27, 2010

New GWA Club Penguin Music Video – Lil’ Hipster Girl – LMFAO

Sup guys!

Finally! A new Club Penguin Music Video! It’s been over a year and GWA is back – but with a whole new member!

Watch the video to find out 😉

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More videos will be coming soon 🙂


April 9, 2008

New Club Penguin Times Newspaper 4/10/08!

Hey! The new Penguin Times Newspaper came out today!


Rockhopper’s ship is finally done! You can go in the lower deck, but there is no items! At the beach you can blow these fireworks up and try to get Rockhopper’s attention.

Rebuild the Migrator!

You can “rebuild” the Migrator in the newspaper, It’s kinda hard when it gets to the smaller pieces, but lets see if you can figure it out 😉


Here are the upcoming events for April

That’s all for now, why don’t you check out the paper on Club Penguin yourself 😉


January 20, 2008

6,000 hits! PARTY! 100 Subs on you tube! Also.. bike boy93!

Hey, guys!

Well, I havn’t had a party in awhile, so I’m going to have my 6000 hits party! 😀 and for my 100 subs on you tube! Please come!

Alright, I hope you can make it! the party will be doing a party Monday at 6:00 PST Here is the info!

When: Monday, January 21th
Time: 6:00 PM Club Penguin time ( PST )
Where: Tundra dock ( we will start from there )
What we will do: ME and a couple more people will be recording, and just having a good time

well, I hope you can make it! 😀 I’ll be there, same with Mohd and alot of others!

Here is an amazing music video i’ve done with my friends 😀

Cya there! 😉

Don’t forget to come to my 100 sub party too, on the same day same time! 😀

January 17, 2008

Upcoming news

Hey, Penguins!

The news is finally here, with some awesome up dates! Check it out! …


Looks like some fun stuff is coming up! I Can’t wait for the Fiesta-val though 😉


It also explains what happened with rockhopper, he will probably arive to Club Penguin in the next week, or maybe this party? Who knows!

All you gotta do is check it out yourself 😉

Waddle on!

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