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May 11, 2008

Club Penguin Medieval Party Sneak Peek & 1000 Subscriber Party

Hey! Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming party coming next Friday! I can’t wait!

1000 Subscribers party

Hey! I finally reached my all time goal of 1000 subscribers! Thanks guys! I remember a couple months ago when I only had 100 subscribers! Well now I’m going to have another party! The last party I ever had was the 100 subscribers party! But here is some information, hope ya can make it 😉

The times are PM Times, so in the afternoon they will start. I hope you all can make it! I will be recording and it’ll be a lot of fun! There will be some special guests as well, I will announce them later!

By the way, don’t worry if you forget because I will post the party information in every post!

In other news

I added the GWA Chat on my blog roll. Please visit! I’m a mod there and its always tons of fun 🙂



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