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May 12, 2008

Club Penguin Medieval Party Cheats

Go here for the club penguin medieval party cheats.

There is another sneak peek for the upcoming Medieval Party

1000 Subscribers Party

Hey! Don’t forget to go to my party! Here is the information

All the times are PM. Hope you all can make it! I will be recording for my youtube, and also having some special guests coming!

Don’t forget to check out my youtube!




May 11, 2008

Club Penguin Medieval Party Sneak Peek & 1000 Subscriber Party

Hey! Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming party coming next Friday! I can’t wait!

1000 Subscribers party

Hey! I finally reached my all time goal of 1000 subscribers! Thanks guys! I remember a couple months ago when I only had 100 subscribers! Well now I’m going to have another party! The last party I ever had was the 100 subscribers party! But here is some information, hope ya can make it 😉

The times are PM Times, so in the afternoon they will start. I hope you all can make it! I will be recording and it’ll be a lot of fun! There will be some special guests as well, I will announce them later!

By the way, don’t worry if you forget because I will post the party information in every post!

In other news

I added the GWA Chat on my blog roll. Please visit! I’m a mod there and its always tons of fun 🙂


April 7, 2008

Faster Club Penguin Servers Are On Their Way!

Hey! On the Club Penguin official blog, they announced that on April 14th, a new server and new site will be launched! Read here for more…

The Info

Hello Penguins!

Many of you have been helping to test the new servers at the Club Penguin Improvement Project and we’re finally ready to launch them! We will be changing out the old servers for brand new ones but unfortunately this will cause some down time.

On April 14, Club Penguin will be shut down between 12am and 3pm (Penguin Standard Time) so we can change out the servers. Its a bummer that we need to do this, but I think the results will be worth it!

When you go to after the new servers are launched the biggest difference you’ll notice right away is the website itself. The team has been working very hard on a new design for the site. The new servers will also make it possible to do some cool stuff with the game in the future, but all that is top secret right now.

If you want more information check out the Club Penguin Improvement Project at

Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team

I’m kind of nervous for this task, but it’s worth a shot! Hopefully nothing will change that is really drastic. I will post about the new site and servers this Friday! Stay tuned!


March 13, 2008

New Video + Club Penguin News 3/13/08

Hey guys, here is my new video! Check it out!

Sorry if it’s a little blurry, I used a lot of transitions and effects, no glitches just a little blur 😉

The CP news came out today!

It looks like in about a month rockhoppers ship will be done!

St. Patrick’s day party is coming tomorrow! Don’t forget to dress green!

The easter egg hunt is coming soon! Any ideas on what the free item will be?

The stage play is also coming back tomorrow! Hopefully they’ll change it up a bit.

That’s all for now! Thanks.


March 6, 2008

Club Penguin News! 3/6/08!

The news came out today

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up!

There are also new things in the newspaper, that when you put your mouse over it, it can tell you a hint, cheat, or cool fact!

when you scroll over it, something like this should pop up

Also, the space themed stage is coming back. Boo hoo!

And finally, here are some events coming up in the next couple weeks…

That’s all for now, there are still some more stuff in the paper that you might wanna check out!

~Supposed~ 😉

February 3, 2008

Vote for best penguin of the year!

Hey everyone! Today, Mohd made another King Of The Ring!

It’s for the best penguin of the year..!

Vote ” Supposed ”

if you do, I will have another huge party ( If i win that is ) And I will be recording and mentioning your name, but the only way I would know if you voted, is if you comment here and say you did.! It will help alot

January 20, 2008

6,000 hits! PARTY! 100 Subs on you tube! Also.. bike boy93!

Hey, guys!

Well, I havn’t had a party in awhile, so I’m going to have my 6000 hits party! 😀 and for my 100 subs on you tube! Please come!

Alright, I hope you can make it! the party will be doing a party Monday at 6:00 PST Here is the info!

When: Monday, January 21th
Time: 6:00 PM Club Penguin time ( PST )
Where: Tundra dock ( we will start from there )
What we will do: ME and a couple more people will be recording, and just having a good time

well, I hope you can make it! 😀 I’ll be there, same with Mohd and alot of others!

Here is an amazing music video i’ve done with my friends 😀

Cya there! 😉

Don’t forget to come to my 100 sub party too, on the same day same time! 😀

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